My Living Room and “Me Too”

Have I mentioned lately how crazy the internet is? I mean, it’s crazy. I know everything’s just sitting out there for the world to see, but most of the time, there’s too much to see to be able to see anything. Right?!

All this to say, it’s been great to digitally-meet people because of my Newberg blog and to meet people in real life who reference my Waco blog. It’s crazy and lovely and just wonderful.

I meant every word that I wrote, both heartfelt and humorous, and I’m thankful to find others that say “Me too.” “I also love the community of Newberg.” “I also think all cockroaches should burn.” The whole reason this blog exists is because I live to hear “Me too.” I firmly believe that stories and writing exists to bring people together, further understanding, and mostly help us understand we are not alone, though we may feel it at times.

The place I most often hear “Me too” is in my living room. It’s the place for living: laughter, tears, conversation, television, reading. This blog feels like my digital living room, a place where I can tell you about me and I can hear about you. You all are welcome to just hang out on the couch in my digital living room, especially if you need a place to say “Me too.”

So, welcome. Whether you came here because you love Newberg and my sentimental remembrances of it, or you are a Wacoan who thinks my concerns are valid and/or funny, thank you for reading my words. Stick around if you want by Facebook-liking me or following this blog (on the right of your screen).

Thanks for stopping by. Thanks for saying “Me too.”


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