Brief Thanks

So I was logging in to write a quick note of thanks to those of you who read my musings–whether you’re new to my blog or you’ve been reading my stuff since I learned to write (hi Mom!)–and I hit a snag.

See, I’m notoriously forgetful. My best friend has said in exasperation, “Just concentrate!” Concentration’s not the problem. It’s my sieve-like brain that minor things like passwords and pin numbers just fall out of.

Here I am, a matter of days after an exciting blog-traffic-filled day, and I’m locked out of my blog because I can’t remember my password.

It’s easy to stay humble when at any moment, my brain could delete the memory of my password.

Obviously, I made it in, since I’m posting, so I wanted to say thanks for reading my little blog and sharing my words. I hope they’re reaching people who need them. My job is to write them down; God’s job is to make sure they get to the right people. If that person’s you, do let me know.

I’m currently preparing to go on the spring break vacation of a lifetime; thus I am in pre-vacation exhaustion. The to-do list is long and the time is short, but I’m one blessed lady and I am grateful for this life I have been given for as long as I have it. I’m trying to be more verbally grateful, to acknowledge those moments when I realize the goodness around me. This is one of those moments.

So thank you, friends new and old.

More words to come soon.


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