Dear blog readers,

Dear blog readers,

I realize my last post was about two weeks ago, and it was about two weeks late.  I apologize for both of these things.  Don’t think I don’t care about you; I do, very much.  It’s just that something else has taken my time.  You’re the loyal old pup who sits outside in the cold when the new baby comes home from the hospital.

What is this little bundle of joy that is stealing my love and attention?  Well, actually there are twenty-two of them, and they (and twenty-three of their comrades) stare at me with hazy eyes every Tuesday morning at 9:05am.

That’s right.  I’m teaching a college course.  Well, team-teaching it with one of my favorite people and professors, an experience which is at every moment fabulous, challenging, and utterly terrifying.

Unfortunately, I get to do all of my grading, which is wonderful and yet insanely time-consuming.  I love reading these students’ work: they are brilliant, brave, and strong.  But it does take time from other things I enjoy doing, namely watching television and blogging.  Oh, and cleaning.  And grocery shopping.  Also, reading.  And spending time with people.  So, most things aren’t getting done, but hey, that’s the life of a professor.

I promise I will have something new for you to read within the week.  I am setting that deadline for myself.  Trusty pups, just hang on.  We can all get along: you, me, the twenty-two students.  It’ll just take time.

I’ll be back. And I’ll bring treats.

Love, Sara


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