To Come…

Have I always had this few hours after work?  How do I always lose them?  I turn around and it’s 9 o’clock.  Because I am a grandma at heart, I start getting sleepy, and BAM, it’s all over.  Light’s out.  Bedtime.

Enough of that.  Soon, i.e. within the next two days, I will be posting an abbreviated book review write-up, since I haven’t done one in months.  Also, I keep remembering books I read in March, so that’s why I keep adding to my “What I’m Reading” post.  I have a memory like a sieve.  I’ll do my best to keep it short, and since I probably don’t remember many details about the books, that should be a breeze.

I’ll post again soon.  It’s been a crazy terrible week at my workplace, but the sunshine gives me hope for that “peace that passes all understanding.”  Some extra hours at night would be welcome too.


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