Sorry it’s taking me so long to get a new post up.  Jeepers.  Life is moving fast – both work and personal life – and I’m just so blasted tired at the end of the day.  As you’ll soon find out (if you read the forthcoming blog post), I don’t function well on little sleep, so I haven’t been committed to staying up and writing.

Bad Sara.

But it’d be garbled nonsense anyway, so I’m just saving your eyeballs the trouble.  I have a half-written blog post about the Royal Wedding that I’ll try to post sometime tomorrow.

In personal news, I’m going back to my ole high school tomorrow for the first time in years.  You better believe I’ll write a post about that.  Oh the memories, oh the angst.  Good times.

In unrelated news, I really miss the sunshine.

Let’s talk soon.


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