Twitter is the BEST!

Twitter really is the best.  Granted, most days it’s just a time-sucking, gossip-spreading, obsessively-collecting-facts-that-don’t-matter machine – which I love.  But every once in a while, it connects people.

So, Jessica Hynes read my blog post.

!!!(minor freak out)!!!

I just mentioned her in my tweet about my “Daisy Days” blog post, which concerns the character she wrote and performed on the television show Spaced.  Simon Pegg had just posted her Twitter handle shortly before, and so I thought, on the off chance she’d stumble across my little blog, I’d mention her.

I woke up yesterday morning to a comment on the post from a nice fellow saying that Jessica Hynes had sent him.  I scrambled to Twitter and there it was: a tweet with my link in it.  After I took far too long to compose a tweet to her, later she responded to me saying, “Loved your blog post.”

Not a terribly exciting story, but I was freaking out.  Still am, about 48 hours and almost 2,000 views later.

I know Twitter is silly and such, and it’s overindulgent, and people have “conversations” and “interactions” that only skim the surface.  It’s no replacement for reality, but it really is amazing.  Who would have ever thought it’d be possible to tell a fellow artist that someone who she created, who she embodied, meant something to you?

Over a decade after Daisy appeared on the telly in a different country, I found her on Netflix and got her.  Just like I think she’d get me.  And I’m so thrilled to be able to tell Jessica Hynes that Daisy and Tim and Mike and Brian and Marsha and Twist and even Collin are reaching the new early-twenty-somethings who are just as clueless as early-twenty-somethings were in the late nineties.  I’d love to meet Jessica someday, tell her in person, but at least now she knows.   And I’m pretty thrilled.

So, if you’re here because of Jessica Hynes: welcome, my fellow nerds!  I hope you enjoyed my paltry words.  Look around, see what else sparks your interest.  I write about things that mean something to me, and maybe we can find something to talk about, you and I.  We all have something to say – Daisy, Jessica, you, me.


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