Albuquerque piglet

I’ve Been in Albuquerque.

The title of this post is a response to the much-deserved question: “Where have you been?”

Of course, the short phrase “I’ve been in Albuquerque” doesn’t really covered what I’ve been doing over the last few weeks.  In truth, I’ve been writing nearly non-stop.  I wrote so much last weekend that I got a brain freeze, only remedied by a few episodes of How I Met Your Mother (currently on Netflix for your viewing pleasure).

Here’s a look into what I’ve been doing:

— Writing radio spots for Luis Palau.  If you’re an Air1 or KLove listener, this next week you’ll hear some of Palau’s words as edited/written by yours truly in 30 second radio spots, “Reaching Your World with Luis Palau.”  The series is titled “Making a Difference.”  It was my first one, so please be kind.  Also, you can listen here:

— Writing an article for the spring issue of the George Fox Journal.  Spoiler alert: it’s way fun.  It combines some of the things that make GFU great: basketball, Friendsview, and relationships.  Oh, and stories about young women sneaking down the fire escape after curfew back when Minthorne was actually a dorm.  It’ll be out in a few months – I’ll post a link when it’s up.

–Writing (finishing?  continuing?) an academic piece I’ve been working on for over a year about good ole Divine Right Davenport and his role as a hero a la Joseph Campbell in Gurney Norman’s awesome novel Divine Right’s Trip.  First I wrote it and then I cut it and then I refined it.  And now I’m going to lengthen it again, in hope of publishing it in a journal.  Good thing I like D.R. so much.  I have a lot to tell you about him.

–Took a trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to present my above article on D.R. with a bunch of other hippie freaks who are crazy about Kerouac and Ginsberg.  Also, there were lots of other passionate people who care about food culture, religion, and Joss Whedon.  It was a pop culture conference, and it was great fun, though mostly due to the crazy GFU people I had dinner with on Wednesday night.  Also, the Southwest is brown.  Very brown.  I never realized how much I loved green.

And now I’m back.  No projects on the horizon, save for another Palau piece and finishing up D.R.  So that means more time for blogging.  And I’ve got some ideas: what I’ve been reading, obligatory Valentine’s day post, Stephen Fry, The Artist, awards season, and more.  Much more.

Stay tuned, folks.


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