2011: The Theatre

First of all, just about live shows in general, 2011 was the best year of my entertainment life.  I got to see my favorite bands in concert – most of them for the first time – and my favorite musical…twice.  I cannot express to you how stellar 2011 was for live entertainment – and how thankful I was that I had a job to pay for all of these tickets.

Concerts – Mumford and Sons, the Avett Brothers, the Civil Wars … a girl can’t ask for anything more.  Except that they all come back next year.  And that Switchfoot comes too.

Walk a Mile – Two of my best friends started a theatre company this year.  Their first show was about the small town that the company is based in, the town my friends and I call “home.”  It was a beautiful snapshot of what is and what could be.  The show made me appreciate the place that I love and the people that I see.  It’s a small town but it has big hopes.

Mary Poppins – Delightful in almost every way.  Not as much like the movie as I would have thought, but any plot difficulties were more than made up by the “Step in Time” performance.  I was grinning like a giddy child as Bert tap-danced his way across the ceiling.

Les Miserables – This is my favorite musical.  And I saw it twice this year.  I can hardly believe it myself.  The first time, I saw it in the Queen’s Theatre, in London’s West End, alone and entranced.  The second, I was surrounded by people I love, at a birthday celebration for me, in my hometown.  Whatever you need to sell in order to see this show done professionally, do it.  There is nothing like feeling those first chords resound in your chest as the lights go down.  Nothing.  Amazing.

Much Ado about Nothing – This show was notable for a few reasons.  One, I completely changed my trip to Great Britain so I could see it.  Two, it was in London.  Three, it was set in the 1980s, which meant a lot of neon.  And four, David Tennant was in it.  I was in the same theatre as David Frickin’ Tennant.  And his formidable counterpart Catherine Tate.  The show was hilarious and fun and bursting with so much color.  Tate and Tennant are comedy gold together.  And then later I-met-David-Tennant-no-big-deal-except-it-was-a-really-big-huge-giant-deal.  (Great gasp of air)


Did you seen any great live shows in 2011?


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