2011: The Television

Somehow this year television became my addiction.  I blame both Netflix and the BBC.  I’m going to say that I’ll try to watch less TV in 2012, but let’s be honest: I’m hooked.  I’ll try to keep this recap brief (and not embarrassing), but there’s little chance of either.

Community – I will advocate for this sitcom with my last breath.  I love the stories, the characters, the clever pop culture references, and the honest look at the need for community we all experience.  It’s brilliant, and it better be back in the fall.  Otherwise, I may be staging a one-woman sit-in in the lobby of NBC’s offices.

Parks and Recreation – I literally want to move to Pawnee.  I want to be friends with Ann, be a geek with Ben, have silly conversations with Andy, treat myself with Donna and Tom, stick up for Jerry (Gary?), throw things with April, and just sit in the presence of Ron and Leslie.  The Model U.N. episode is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen, and I am ridiculously attached to these characters.  Why do I not own every season?  Must get on Amazon…

Sherlock – This was my absolute favorite thing to come out of television this year.  The BBC revamped Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories, bringing them into the 21st century.  The rapport between Holmes (Cumberbatch) and Watson (Freeman) is so well-played, and the characters themselves are brilliantly well-rounded.  Plus, true Sherlock fans love the twists and turns on the classic tales.  If you haven’t seen them yet, you must check them out.  I’m serious.  Go right now, and find them.

The Mighty Boosh – First of all, this show is WEIRD.  But at the same time, oddly endearing.  I can’t in good faith recommend it to you, unless you are very in touch with your imagination and/or recreational drugs.  Or maybe you just like puppets.  Regardless, I’m rather a fan of how Vince and Howard see the world.  It’s a little crazier, but a little more colorful too.

Doctor Who – I’m a full-on Whovian by this point.  I watched season six along with the rest of the world, and washeld together by pins and needles the whole time.  Matt Smith is brilliant as the Doctor, dancing on that slim wire between madness, goofiness, and utter despair.  I especially love that so many of my friends have become enamored with the show in the last year as well.  Spread the love!  Spread the mad, beautiful TARDIS love!

British quiz shows (Would I Lie to You, Nevermind the Buzzcocks, QI) – British quiz shows are different than American game shows in two very crucial ways: the points don’t matter and no one wins anything.  Mostly the competitors are just comedians trying to make the audience laugh.  This makes quiz shows about 20 times more entertaining than American game shows.  Bonus: occasionally on QI, I actually learn something, thanks to the UK’s national treasure, Stephen Fry.

Top Gear – I basically used this show as research before my trip to the UK.  It may have mislead me, but I’m not complaining

Downton Abbey – Did that come out in the US this year?  I think so.  It was/is amazing.  What more can be said?  A soap opera that highlights both the rich and the poor!  It’s historical!

Runners up: The IT Crowd, Firefly, Mad Men, The Vicar of Dibley, Spooks


What television shows did you keep up with in 2011?


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