2011: The Movies

I saw loads of movies this year, but most of them I don’t remember and also most of them I had seen already.  Here are a few that I saw for the first time that made an impact on me.

The King’s Speech – Everyone loved this movie, and for good reason.  It was perfectly lovely, humanizing the monarchy and helping us realize that everyone gets scared.  It’s what you do next that matters.  Additionally, Colin Firth is the man.

The Social Network – The screenplay was clever, the dialogue was quick, and everyone considered deleting their Facebook page when the credits rolled.  And then they didn’t.  Thus, the impact of The Social Network.  I also thought the movie’s trailer was exquisite.  While it didn’t tell you much about the movie itself, it highlighted a generation’s need for connection.  And made me cry.

The Thin Man – I don’t know how I could call myself a lover of old movies and never seen the Thin Man series.  Nick and Nora are wonderfully boozy and flirty, the plots are flimsy, and the dog is adorable.  What more could you want from a 30s black and white film?  Bonus: the second one has a wonderfully young Jimmy Stewart in it.

Harry Potter 7, Part 2 – Duh.  Of course, I went to see the midnight showing.  It was the last Harry Potter movie, and the door closed on a major part of my childhood.  I laughed, I cried, I clapped with joy.  Good men died, but so did bad ones.  So it all worked out in the end.

50/50 – How do young people deal with a diagnosis of cancer?  It happens more often than you think.  And for someone like myself with such an intimate connection with the disease, it was affirming and touching and honest.  You can’t ask for more.  In fact, it spurred me to write these two posts, one about the disease itself and then a letter to my pediatric oncologist.

Every Austen movie known to manOh, did I mention I watched pretty much every Jane Austen movie the BBC made?  And let me tell you: there are A LOT.  They remake one nearly every year.  I can’t say they were all good, but they all made my bitter cynical heart melt…a little bit.  While Pride and Prejudice obviously was the best (again, Colin Firth wins it all), I quite enjoyed 2008’s Persuasion with Rupert Penry-Jones and Sally Hawking.

North and South – Technically a miniseries, but super long, so it counts.  Basically an Austen novel with a little more grit.  And by grit, I mean cotton factories.  I like to learn things while watching historical romances.  And by historical romances, I mean Richard Armitage.


What movies stuck with you in 2011?


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