2011: The Firsts

Okay, I’m slow getting on the Year in Review, but better late than never, right?  Let’s start out with some firsts…)

Things I Did for the First Time in 2011:

Edited a book 1. 7

Read my poetry at an open mic 1.13

Was pulled over for speeding 1.14

Visited San Diego 1.14

Pet a dolphin 1.14

Lost a grandparent 1.21

Killed a bee 1.25

Gave blood 1.25

Passed out 1.26

Was an extra in a movie 1.29

Changed a vacuum bag 1.29

Went to an art opening/reception 2.3

Drove a loaner car 2.7

Went to a jazz club by myself 2.15

1st performance review 2.24

Hosted an Oscars Party 2.27

Attended an Episcopalian wedding 3.5

Published a review on RelevantMagazine.com 3.16

Went to a roller derby match 3.18

Celebrated Easter with friends 4.22

Watched Chariots of Fire 4.24

Stayed up until 5 am 4.29

Saw a prince and princess get married 4.29

Flew to Newark 5.7

Flew overseas by myself 5.8

Rode a public bus 5.8

Went to a pub 5.9

Saw the Atlantic 5.9

Figured out how to use public transport in a strange foreign city by myself 5.8

Had haggis (vegetarian) 5.10

Spent a day in a foreign city by myself 5.11

Rode a train across a country’s border 5.14

Visited a palace and a castle 5.10/11

Watched Eurovision live 5.14

Went to vespers at a cathedral 5.15

Walked around rooms/streets Jane Austen did 5.15

Threatened an international company (repeatedly) 5.15

Visited Roman baths 5.15

Figured out the London Tube all by myself 5.16

Explored London by myself 5.16

Saw Les Miserables in the West End 5.16

Saw a show by myself 5.16

Saw the Changing of the Guards 5.16

Saw Much Ado about Nothing in the West End 5.17

Saw a rehearsal for Much Ado about Nothing at the Globe 5.18

Met David Tennant and Catherine Tate 5.18

Was moved to tears by a library 5.19

Saw Michaelangelo sketches 5.20

Had a proper English tea 5.20

Attended Formal Hall at Oxford 5.20

Attended my little sister’s graduation 6.2

Went to a friend’s baby shower 6.11

Helped at a fundraiser 6.12

Joined E-harmony 6.1

Started a “club” 6.19

Saw The Civil Wars 6.21

Saw the musical Mary Poppins 6.22

Went to a family reunion 7.1

Saw the Avett Brothers 7.16

Lived alone 7.24

Marched in a parade 7.30

Had Brasilian food 8.5

Saw Les Miserables (the tour) with friends 8.7

Published on the Stuff Christians Like blog 8.5

Bought my own domain name 8.5

Turned 24 8.8

Joined a real gym 8.19

Took the GRE 8.20

Garden-sat 9.1

Saw Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant in concert 9.14

Saw the swifts 9.19

Took the train to Seattle 9.22

Helped my little sister move into college 9.22

Hung out with my parents – just us – as adults 9.23

Switched churches…my decision 9.1

Started a writing group 10.8

Went on a “blind” date 11.2

Thanksgiving with my own little family (sister) 11.24

Saw Santa at Winco 12.1

Saw Mumford and Sons 12.6

Made many new desserts 12.7

Went to the party of a friend of a friend 12.17

Got a Kindle 12.25

Next: the media of 2011 and a retrospective


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