Return from Unintentional Hiatus

The 14th was a long time ago. 

Since the 14th, I stood up with a friend as she said always-and-forever vows to her best friend.

I hosted Thanksgiving weekend with my best girl, full of unconventional food, British television and returning the things we bought the day before.

I read two very heavy books.  Not heavy in weight, but heavy in subject matter.  Weight-wise, they weren’t too bad.

I helped friends move into their first home, imaging the life that will be lived as I lugged bookcases upstairs.

I saw one of my favorite bands perform live.  I watched one of my favorite movies. I talked at length about my favorite television shows. 

I said the phrase, “I want to marry him” an embarrassing amount of times about an embarrassing number of men, none who I know personally.

I finished a writing project that was a new experience for me.

I decorated for Christmas.  Did lots of dishes.  Wrote many cards.  Took my car to the doctor.  Bought gifts for people I love very much.


What I didn’t do, obviously, was post on my blog.  I’m horribly behind on the Diary, and I haven’t recorded the last two books I read for this month (I may not [read: will not] make my 4 book goal this month…oops).  But I’m getting back on the horse.  I’ll be posting a few times this week, and keep it up as much as I possibly can throughout this holiday season.


I still have something to say.  I hope you still want to hear it.


Check back soon for posts about: British panel shows, Advent, expecting, The Mighty Boosh, books, and Edinburgh.  Maybe I’ll throw in a post about David Tennant, just to mix things up.  I’m crazy over here!


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