Guest Post #JonAcuff

My friends and I have this annoying tendency (well, annoying to everyone in the immediate vicinity) of hashtagging everything in verbal conversations. We use it as a summary tool. A very annoying summary tool.

Well… #GuestPost #StuffChristiansLike #TODAY.
Yup, the world-famous Jon Acuff, creator of Stuff Christians Like, deigned to let me guest post today! I love Jon’s site and his humor, so I’m pretty excited that he let me give my take on the world of Christian culture. Jon, thanks for letting me pop by and share about my experience with the Christian College Jennifer Aniston!
So…read it, if you aren’t allergic to laughing. I mean, you may laugh because you find it humorous, you may laugh at me, or you may laugh with derision, but at least you’re laughing. That is, if you’re not allergic.
(And if you’re new here because you are as big of a fan as I am of Jon and Stuff Christians Like, welcome! Take a look around! See what there is to see! Happy to have you here!)

5 thoughts on “Guest Post #JonAcuff

  1. It was very well done! And I AM here because I am as big a fan of Jon as you! And I too love hashtagging as noted heavily on my blog! (and apparently exclamation points!)Jacob C. Howard

  2. Thanks, all, for reading! It was SUPER fun to write, and nice to know people resonate with the whole CCPG concept! And Jacob, I apparently love exclamation points too!

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