Traveling and Resting

Last weekend, I returned from my sixth trip since Christmas. In a matter of about six months, I have been:

–in 12 different airports (PDX, YYC, YVR, SAN, MKE, ORD, EWR, EDI, LHR, DEN, MSP, PHX)
–to 3 countries
–in 7 states and 2 provinces
–on 17 airplanes
–on 3 trains
–on 22 buses
–on 18 underground (Tube) trains

In January I wrote, “My 2011 is going to be about stepping out…this year is about being brave.” And it has been, in so many different ways.

And to be truthful, I am tired.

I have learned how to say that final good-bye to someone I loved and who knew me once. I have learned how to say hello to people I want to love more. I have learned how to embrace a place I do not understand. I have learned to hold my head high and walk with confidence – even if I’m not sure where I’m going.

I have learned to travel with others. And I have nearly perfected traveling alone.

I am so thankful for a life, a family, a job, and a budget that allowed me to do all of this. Truly I have become more of myself throughout these journeys, and they have been quite the journeys. A book could be written on my life in 2011 thus far, and it is only July. Maybe I’ll write that book.

I’m not stopping, just resting. I’m going to be staying for a little while. Not staying, like being stationary, not changing or growing. But staying as in waiting. Looking. Finding other ways to step out — that do not require me stepping onto a plane. There is plenty I still have to learn about life and love, and I know God will use the rest of this year to teach it to me. But I think I’ll do it here. In Oregon. For now.

God knows I have caught the travel bug. But rest is so necessary right now. I’m putting my passport to bed, my frequent flyer number away, and my suitcase in the closet. I am grateful, but I am tired.


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