Sara’s Great (Britain) Adventure – SG(B)A

All right. I am finally starting my record of my trip. Now, the purpose of these posts (there will be 14 or 15 in all) is not to give you a chronicle of every thing I did on my trip. That is BORING reading. My mom barely wants to read that (Hi, Mom!). No, instead I’ll give you a snapshot of a moment or an event or an experience. Some of the days it’ll be challenging to pick out one that is significant; most other days it’ll be torture to pick just one. Maybe I’ll cheat… NO. Can’t start out already planning to cheat.

Anyway, I hope it’ll be fun and interesting. For one of us, it will be. Be sure to leave your comments/questions/love on the posts, and I’ll follow them up with some love of my own. Or hatred, as the case may be.


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