Update: Plans

Well, folks, I’m back but I’m just as lazy as ever, apparently. Granted, life has not slowed down much since my trip, though I find it extremely hard to believe that I have been back for 5 weeks now. It goes by quickly.

I also haven’t written at all about my lovely experience, so new plan: I will be writing a short post about every day on my trip. Hopefully they will be interesting, and perhaps morph into something more. Maybe I will actually take the leap and work on getting some things published.

I have a few other blog posts that have been mulling around in my brain. I’m terrible at getting them onto paper (text? computer screens?), but today is a new day! It’s always a new day. I always have new things to work on.

Speaking of publishing, I have an academic project that will be taking up quite a bit of my time over the next two months. Also, I have some studying to do for the GRE (blegh!), and a roommate to get wed! Add to all of that my desire to keep my 4-a-month reading goal, and somehow find the time to go running, and I find little time to do much else. But writing needs to be there – for my own sanity!

Keep checking out my Diary – I’ve been keeping on top of it since returning from my trip.

Happy nearly July! I’ll post again tomorrow – this time I won’t break my promise. I promise.


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