Guess who’s back!

So, last post was nearly two months ago. Yikes. I don’t know what happened to April, but let’s just say that May was a rather crazy month.

Somewhere I read that you shouldn’t tell the Internet when you’re going on vacation, because someone will break into your home, steal all of your possessions, then find you on vacation and murder you. That was my assumption anyway. So I didn’t tell post it on my blog, instead just posting it on Facebook, Twitter, and the Diary section of the blog. Safety first.

Long story short, smack dab in the middle of May, I spent two glorious weeks in the United Kingdom. With a friend living in Scotland and another living in England, I knew this was my chance to hop across the pond and see the British world I’ve so obsessively taken in, thanks to BBCAmerica and PBS. So I did it – I flew into Edinburgh, found my way to St. Andrews, and visited Edinburgh, Stirling, Anstruther, and Glasgow, before taking a train down to Oxford and taking day trips to Bath and London. It was completely, truthfully an exquisite experience, one that was profoundly life-changing and just a heck of a lot of fun.

As I wrote to some friends, Scotland captured my heart, but England captured my soul. I took days off work, like a real adult person. I took planes and trains and buses and Underground trains by myself. I got scared and nearly cried. I was extraordinarily happy and nearly cried. I saw things much older than myself, and much newer too. I was momentarily speechless. And I had the most delicious fish and chips.

Did I mention David Tennant? Oh, I must have forgotten to mention that I MET HIM. (“Met” in the loosest sense of the word. Let’s just say that it involved a Sicilian woman making strange noises in my ear during the entire encounter. I’ll explain more later.)

I’ll be blogging more about my adventure in the coming weeks. You know me, I need to write, I need to process. And I did write, every day. Some of that will become Diary entries, I think. Yikes, I have a month to catch up on for the Diary. But mostly I want to share my adventure with you. Not just what I saw, but what it meant to a woman from the States on her first Great (Britain) Adventure.

One thing’s for certain: I’ve caught the travel bug. And the rest of my life will have an undercurrent of waiting until I set foot on that lovely island again.

With that, I return, with more delicious bites of my life to consume! I promise to be more consistent in the next few months. Tally ho, good blog readers! On we go!


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