What I’m Reading: All Things Shining

Well, I read this book called All Things Shining. And I wrote a review about it. And it got posted on RelevantMagazine.com.

No big deal.

Except it’s a pretty big deal. I love Relevant Magazine – I love the print copy, I love the web content, I love the podcast. I’m kind of a fangirl, minus any creepiness (I hope). My dream job is working for Relevant Media Group. Of course I’d have to move to Florida, which means I’d probably see my family about 10x more than I do now. “Christmas at Sara’s!” But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

I’m proud to add this to my CV.

Commence giggling like a fangirl.

Check it out here —> http://www.relevantmagazine.com/culture/books/reviews/25013-all-things-shining


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