New Page – "Diary"

Well, I’m just changing things up, aren’t I? It’s getting all crazy up in here! Whoo-hoo!

Okay, enough of that nonsense. I’m trying out a new page. It’s called “Diary,” and the hope is to write a hundred and fifty words each day about one thing that happened during that 24 hour period. In one way, it’s proof that I write every day, even if I don’t post something major. In another, it forces me to find significance in each day, no matter how mundane it feels. Each “post” will be little snippets, nothing very good or profound. Some of those snippets may find their way into longer pieces — who knows?

I’m a little annoyed with the formatting, that I can’t separate the posts out like I can on the main page, but since I don’t want these little snippets mixing in with the real posts – look how elitist I am – they’ll have to just add on top of each other. I’ll see if I get too annoyed by the whole deal. My blog, my rules.

Anyway, still reeling from an amazing Les Miserables concert I watched on PBS. The voices, the voices were phenomenal. Out of this world. Someday, in heaven, we will all sing like opera stars, and the music will never end. My God, soon – soon.


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