true quote of the day…

Yes, I’m bringing it back! My goal is not to post a giant long essay each day, because boy, not gonna happen. I’m thinking 2-3x per week, as the muse inspires, and the other days I’ll post some darn good quotes. There are many people who have walked this earth who have said impressive or poignant things. I like that.

“We are such spendthrifts with our lives, the trick of living is to slip on and off the planet with the least fuss you can muster. I’m not running for sainthood. I just happen to think that in life we need to be a little like the farmer, who puts back into the soil what he takes out.” –Paul Newman

Well, obviously, this quote is amazing because it’s by Paul Newman. Paul was a man who didn’t pull punches; he said what he thought and he meant what he said. He probably was a little rash, a little harsh, a little rough around the edges, but that was part of his appeal. His smokin’ good looks and crystal blue eyes didn’t hurt either.

This is pretty deep for a pretty boy, I must say. He’s right, you know. We rush around, throwing our lives to the wind, never caring that our days are meant to be numbered and purposeful. We think if we run fast enough, we can outrun time and consequence. I know I live most of my days without thinking of death and my own legacy…until it’s too late for someone else and I’m stuck looking their legacy square in the face. A sobering thing.

But we have a choice. We can “put back in the soil what [we] take out.” As people are kind to us, we can be kind to others. As we receive generosity, we can give what we have to those in need. And as we are loved and encouraged, we can do the same for others. Small, simple things can mean everything in the grand scheme of the Creator. And then we’ll slip off with little fuss, satisfied that we left the soil rich and full, and that the Farmer will continue to use that soil to grow beautiful things.


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