Good-bye (and Good Riddance) to January

So January got away from me. It was my first experience of life speeding up beyond belief in the real-world, and all I could do was hang on. It was beautiful and sunny and warm, and rainy and dreary and stressful, and cold and snowy and sad. It was full of life and death, and new things and old things, and time zones and family and past-lives. And at the end of it, my body told me in a very forceful way to stop. I did. I had to.

So February is going to be full of writing about and processing all that January brought me. I will get back to those resolutions, because I am flexible and I am not afraid of changing my life. And you are welcome to come along and see it. Sorry I haven’t been around. I’ve been at beaches and gravesides and bleeding on bathroom floors. But I’m back now.


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