Thanksgiving post!

Yeah, yeah, yeah. About as original as a grilled cheese sandwich, but there’s a reason that grilled cheese is so great – it’s delicious, easy, and it’s perfect for cold days. The same reasoning applies to this post.

Ever since arriving in college, I have been burdening other families around Thanksgiving time. Given that my family is in Canada – where it is simply a Thursday in November – I’m without family around this tasty holiday. Since I’m displaced from my people, I have gotten to eat a dinner of thanks with most of my best friends. It’s always a joy to see my friends in their natural habitats with the people who both drive them batty and give them love. Shout out right now to the Morses (2006), the Sarvers (2007), the Hoppers (2008, 2009), and the Dorrs (2010). You bless me more than you know by letting me observe and laugh and eat with you. And thank you to everyone who asked the question, “So, what are you doing for Thanksgiving?” with that special gleam in your eye that told me better than words could that I was welcome to spend the day with you. The family of God is dysfunctional at times but so glorious at others.

Here’s some things I’m thankful for:
–My Canadian family, who always welcomes me with open arms, tears of joy, and Tim Horton hot smoothies
–Navigation on my smartphone – saving my behind since October of 2010
–Hugo, despite his “check engine light” and frozen doors. Without you, I’d be stuck, baby car.
–Newberg – home.
–The gang at the Portland Center. We’ve seen a lot of turmoil and joy this past year. You make my job delightful, and I’m thankful for a workplace where people love each other.
–My friends-family. There are not enough words. There will never be enough words.
–A nice, warm apartment, a place to put my stuff and burdens
–Newberg Foursquare Church – you aren’t perfect but you love people and Jesus. I can’t ask for more.
–Powell’s – for feeding my addiction to the written word
–People who read my blog and tell me to keep going. I am thankful for you.

And now, the random portion of my list:
–Doctor Who/David Tennant/BBC/Sherlock/British game shows that never have points
–Upcoming overseas adventures/hope
–the color green. Also, trees.

That’s it for now. Thanks for you. Thanks for life. And love and joy and even pain. Thanks, PapaGod.


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