back and ready to roll.

Well, I’m back on track! I decided to attempt to post every day in November, even if it’s just an update or a True Quote of the Day (which have been missing lately – how have you known the truth without my true quotes?). I’m an incredibly habitual person, so if I can make a habit of this, it’s probably going to stick.

But I just wanted to say THANK YOU if you have responded to me, either on facebook or in person, about my last few posts. It means a lot to me that you are reading and thinking. I write for me, yes, but I really write for you all. I write so that you can understand me and that I can understand you. I covet your responses, so thank you. I wouldn’t be nearly so successful without a community around me, reading my junk.

I’m trying to do good work, godly work. I’m trying to be vulnerable and open and honest with my words. So, thank you for listening and reading, and check back soon for more.


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