I’ve got nothing more tonight. I had great blogging plans that didn’t quite work out, but it’s Thursday night, well-known around the Kelm household as 1) results show night for So You Think You Can Dance, and 2) night of exhaustion. 6:30 am will come quickly tomorrow, only a few breaths and a dreamscape away.

But God’s been good and things have been happening. I’ve got a few projects in the queue that I’m pretty excited about, and I’ll let you in on those things in the near future.

One of the things I’m considering is a move – gasp – of blogging sites. I don’t love blogspot (sorry, old friend), and I’d like to love the device that will be propelling me to greatness. Or something like that. I’ll give you plenty of warning, so do not fear. I will not leave without giving you a forwarding address! I want you to follow me, dear friends.

And, tis all tonight. I shall dream of dancing Roberts (SYTYCD reference? anyone?), and I hope your night is just as pleasant.


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