hiatus slowly dissolving…

hello my patient readers.

Well, I’m not back entirely, mostly because I’m just bloody exhausted right now. These last three weeks have been absolutely beautifully insane with change and transition. I’ve been around a lot of people, most of them who I love beyond belief, but I am just tired from the social interaction. But hopefully with the dying down of social situations, I’ll have more time to sleep and to write. I’m a tad rusty, so please be patient. I have a lot of mental blocks to overcome, but I’ll be back. I think I’ll attempt some prose here shortly. I’m a little wary of poetry at the moment. Too burnt out, I think. I don’t have the power to fight Resistance all the time.

To Do List:
–revisit Divine Right’s Trip essay and FINALLY send it off again
–preorder Writer’s Market/Poet’s Market?
–letter to Donald
–contact Jeff
–reflect on Kooser’s poetry book
–read. anything. something. good Lord.
–ignore the telelvision/hulu/Buffy


2 thoughts on “hiatus slowly dissolving…

  1. Thank you for the wonderful book suggestion. It's coming from the library as we speak. Also, thank you for your lovely insightful comments. They make it feel like you're not so far away.

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