doesn’t even count as a numbered poem

In most every coming of age
movie, involving a young girl
on the cusp of womanhood,
especially a period piece, say, set
in the 1940s or 1960s, there tends
to always be a strong woman who
challenges her assumptions,
her ideals, her morals, the path
that the young one is on. This
woman is educated, usually wearing
pants and/or glasses. She reads,
has a dry wit, enjoys music and
art. She is often poor, finding literature
to be of her greatest value. And, not
to give it away, but in the end, she
is the savior of the young girl, pulling
out that potential that was there all
along. This woman also is marked
by her singleness, that is, her living
alone, her lack of husband, the sense
of being solo. And she is the strong
brave one who tells every girl that
they can survive without men, yes,
they can, while young protagonist
starts making out with her romantic
lead, even while retaining her head
smarts. And this trope is a truism,
those single women who taught us how
to be feminists, to be fierce and
confident in our own muscles, blood,
and brains.

(UNFINISHED…but i wanted to prove i wrote something)


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