[poem#22] With a Whimper

With a Whimper

In her green round pillow, she lies within

the deep sleep of the soulless, resting

without wondering about the state

of the world and humankind.

Brown ears twitch at random as she sinks

perfectly into the dog-shaped crevice

visible even when she leaves her nest.

She often hears the things I do not,

and now her dreams speak to her.

Her front leg, paw too big for the rest

of her, begins to wiggle. The dream turns

dark. Legs start fruitlessly pawing the air,

small whimpers burst from her mouth.

In another land, one only she sees,

those whimpers are screams. And I realize

she may not be as soulless, as peaceful,

as I had hoped. I put my hand to her panting

chest, saying her name gently, bringing her back

to this world that, while at times cruel,

often saves us from our dreams.


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