i’m back.

Sometimes, life gets in the way. I’ve been living in Weddingland the past week, but with my dear friend Jennifer carrying the surname of Loop since Saturday, I’m surfacing to the real world. For now – the big one that I’ve been living with for almost a year occurs in 26 days.

I’ve been spending the last day or so editing poems from the last six months. I’m meeting with my dear professor and poetry mentor on Wednesday morning, and he said he’d look at some of my work. Bill always has great things to say, so I never want to waste those meetings by having him look at something incomplete. There’s nothing worse than hearing something you already know! So that’s my project over the next few days. Editing’s not my strong suite.

I’ll post a revised poem or two. Hopefully in the next few days, I’ll have some new stuff up. Don’t desert me, faithful readers. I appreciate all two of you!


One thought on “i’m back.

  1. How'd the time with Bill go? I miss him, though I never had a writing class from him. Probably one of my biggest regrets was not taking his poetry writing class. Don't know what I was thinking.

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