I’ve been reminded lately by a certain reader that I have not been posting. I am fully aware of my lack of creation. Resistance has gotten to me. I’m finding that I can only fight Resistance really well in one area at a time without exhaustion. But regardless, I am remiss. I’ll try to write much more often next week. I’ll also probably do a bit of editing, as I’m going to have coffee with a former prof who will be honest with me about what I’ve produced. Always good, but painful. So I’ll post revisions as…they…happen?

I need some inspiration. Any ideas out there? I could use some.


One thought on “update

  1. This is funny to me because I just read a chapter in a book about directing/acting/art-making that used the term "resistance" and it was saying how fighting resistance makes the best art and you have to have resistance and struggle with it in order to achieve freedom. I was reading the chapter this morning, in a bit of a gloomy stress fever, wondering if I had the will to get off the couch and go to class, and it convinced me. I understand about not being able to spread yourself in a million places though. I am not that great at it. At all. I wonder what it would be like having someone judge my writing. I've only started sharing stuff with people this year…just plays. I'm sorry I'm blabbering. I'll go. haha

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