[poem#20] Shoveling Snow with Abe

(older poem from Writing Poetry class. Written very quickly. Just for fun.)

The snow is high,

I say, so I throw Abe a shovel

and we head out to the driveway.

Abe wears his stovepipe hat,

as always, and his

ears become purple with cold.

I run inside to grab him

some earmuffs.

Abe says, Honestly,

I don’t care much for

shoveling, but he continues

to work, work hard,

at this impossible task,

because halfway through,

it starts to snow

again. Rather than give up,

he continues to shovel,

until the walk is clear

of powder. I suggest going

inside, for some soup

and cocoa, knowing he will

regale me with

heartbreaking stories and

witty anecdotes.

That’ll be just fine, he says,

that’ll be just fine.


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