True quote of the day…

“Lower your standards and keep on writing.”

-William Stafford, on removing writer’s block

The Oregonian did a great section yesterday on Poet Laureates of Oregon (p.s. totally stole the paper from the gym, and I don’t even feel guilty). I had forgotten that Stafford was one of them, and he was PL for a very long time (though apparently he disliked the title). It’s simple advice, but great in its simplicity. For myself, I think I get bogged down in what is expected of me or what I know I can do. In fear of not living up to that potential, I am stagnant. I cease to produce because it may not be up to par with what I expect of myself. But writing is a very fluid art, and it can always improve or change. The first draft is never the perfect one, so heck, just do it. Just write it and go from there. Hold your ego loosely.


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