nothing more tonight…

Sorry. I feel like a slacker, but my bed beckons and I have much to do before I can embrace it.

I’m losing some of my momentum. The inspiration I’m garnering is fleeting, and the notes I make in the moment never strike me as anything special later. The words aren’t coming as easily these days, and I wonder if it’s because I’m getting out of the habit. But no worries, I’m all about good habits these days, so it’ll come back.

I’m also feeling a little negative about what I’ve written so far. Most of it needs significant editing (that’s what happens when you write your poetry in the little “new post” box), and so I’m not exactly proud of what I’ve produced. And I’ve been reading some other poetry, and I suffer poet envy – I want what I don’t have, in terms of words. And yet, I think I’m okay. Nothing groundbreaking to be sure, but with some intensive editing, I think some of these will turn out alright.

I think, too, that my old system was to write it freehand first, in a notebook. Then when I typed it up, I edited it as I went, as well as played with form and line breaks and such. I may need to head back to that – only thing is that it takes a little longer and I’m less motivated to do so. Mixing things up is never a bad thing, and dry spells aren’t the end of the world.

I have some freelance prose projects with deadlines in the near future, so I may be posting some paragraphs from those, just so it’s clear I’m writing. 🙂 It’s exciting to have these jobs lined up – I just need to stop procrastinating and get to them. It may be, too, that in preparation for these, I’ve slowed my poetry spout to a trickle. I’m also reading fiction, so who knows where my mind will take me? I started my own novel years ago; it may be time to revisit it (though I HATE those who say they’re working on a novel – gag. so many people are working on THEIR NOVELS at all levels of the word “work” and the word “novel”).

So, never fear. I will return soon. Fight Resistance!


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