Side note.

I am tired tonight. Spent physically, emotionally, mentally. It’s been a good few days, but – at the risk of sounding like the world’s biggest pessimist – they remind me that this phase of life is ending. Transition’s coming…again.

I took a risk tonight. I gave a packet of all of the things I’ve written about PNG (good, bad, or mediocre) to each of the team members I went with. I’m not exactly sure why, except I felt like they should read it. It’s very vulnerable for me to hand someone a piece I have written. I’m not a professional; I struggle separating criticism from feeling. But this just had to be done. Basically what I did was shove the packet into each of their hands and run away. It’s a tension between really wanting to hear what they thing and really wanting the attention and focus to be away from me. Regardless, it’s in their hands now. My pieces can leave this shelter to go to the world.

I’m rambling. Gosh, I’m so tired.


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