Yeah, I know I’ve been slacking. Writing daily for five whole days (wowowow!) and then…I miss a day. And then another one. Even this post is being written on Sunday, though it still feels like an extension of a beautiful Saturday. And these last two days without my writing space have been lovely, filled with people and events that may not be available in a little over a week. So I plan to experience them as well as I can in this time that I have. Maybe that doesn’t make me a pro, Mr. Pressfield, but that makes me human. Humans need art but humans also need experiences and people to create art about and for.

I just had the loveliest last two days with some of the loveliest people.
Yesterday had work and laughter and donuts and decorating to Backstreet Boys and flowers and preening and screaming in joy and good food and celebration and leaves and Shakespeare under the clouds and talks and hugs and falling asleep during a movie.
Today had sleeping in and lazy morning and baseball and catching up and mac’n’cheese and new computer and sitting together and singing to Company and Powell’s and so many books and cute boy in the Christianity section and sitting on the floor of the Pearl Room and Rocco’s Pizza and people watching and laughter and reminiscing and a ridiculous movie and brownies.
Good days.

Update: I am writing this on my brand new MacBook. I almost had a panic attack when I bought it because I realized that I actually did buy it and I own it and I committed to this. I’m a little commitment-phobic, but that is a topic for another time. I’m not IN LOVE with it, but I like it well enough. I’m feeling sentimental for my old PC…until I open it, that is. It’ll be a transition. Also, I got my waterproof notepad and already put it up with the included suction cups. We’ll see how it works. AND I put my voice recorder from PNG in my car, so when I get great ideas while driving I don’t have to endanger myself and others by trying to find a piece of scrap paper, find a pen, and try to scribble it down. As for reading, I haven’t read much these past few days, but I did get some books at Powell’s that I’m stoked about. I got Dickens and Dostoevsky (of course), but I also got a Gerard Manley Hopkins book of poems (writer of my favorite poem “God’s Grandeur”) and a book about writing poems by Ted Kooser (great poet and former US poet laureate who wrote me a response after I wrote him). So stoked.

Mmm, so this has been a blah blog about nothing in particular. I’ve started two poems, but seeing how it’s almost 1 am and I’m committed to going to church tomorrow, I’m going to call it a night. Forgive me, Mr. Pressfield. I’ll be sure to show up and write tomorrow. Until then…


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