Ways I’m going to increase productivity…follow-up!

–Order amazing waterproof notepad for the shower, where all of the good words rain down (goal: not to take three hour long showers)
DONE: Ordered, shipped, on their way to me and my flowing creative juices. I hope they work.

–Buy new MacBook with my tax rebate for those coffee shop writing sessions that will (hopefully) lead to some good work, some good confidence, and some good flirting with the barista behind the counter
DONE: I hate buying big budget things, but I’m getting pretty excited. The new toy will arrive this weekend, fingers crossed. I love my PC with all of my heart, but a Mac is going to be good fun. And it’s new and shiny! Also, confidence and flirting yet to come.

–Set a weekly time to peruse the Writer’s/Poet’s Market, to find places for my work to see the light of day
NOT DONE: yet…I did find out Portland center has last year’s version of the WM, but no version of the PM. So lunch break times will be difficult. I’m not giving up, especially since I plan to buy the 2011 versions of both when they come out in August.

–Read writers who respect the craft and understand the battle; get to know the professionals
WORKING ON IT: well, I’m still reading Pressfield. That counts.

–Fight Resistance


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