True quote of the day…

“As Resistance works to keep us from becoming who we were born to be, equal and opposite powers are counter-poised against it. These are our angels and allies.”

-p. 107, The War of Art, Steven Pressfield

Yeah, I’m still in the middle of this short book. I love this quote for the last phrase: “angels and allies.” There’s something in that. A poem or a title…

Honesty time. I gotta admit that I am not in the right place (true story: I just wrote “write place”) to write. I just got home from a long day an hour ago, then spent the last 25 minutes in full emotional breakdown mode due to jealousy, fear, and loneliness. Poor roommate had to hear the awful blubbering, and the worst part is? No resolution. I’ve never been good at living within tension, but I’m finding out life is tension.

I’ve just got to tap into those opposite powers that are on my side, champions of my cause. I need those angels, those allies, because life is a lonely journey, as is the pursuit of art.


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