two years later…

I started this blog two years ago, and proceeded to write a single post about nothing in particular.

Well, here I try again.

I’ve been reading about Resistance and how it keeps me from creating, from feeding my spirit. And I’m tired of my 9-6 job sucking all of my energy and stifling my art.

This last week has been total and utter shit, and I say that word so rarely that it actually means something in this case. My emotions have been run ragged, my heart has been torn, and the shaky stability I’ve tried to create for myself has been demolished in one fell swoop.

It’s times like these that I need words. I need to put my thoughts out into the ether in hopes that someone will hear them. And I need to create good art, because that’s what makes me feel.

It’s far too late. I have to work early tomorrow, and I’ll get not-enough sleep tonight. But Resistance loves excuses, and Resistance loves tomorrows, and I’ve decided to – for once in my life – to fight for something.

Hence the blog. The anti-establishment part of me feels that blogs are passe, that they are too mainstream, that they are too overindulgent and prevalent. But so what? If it helps me to write, then it’s doing its job.

So let’s see what happens! I don’t write very well when I don’t have accountability, so we’ll see what this does. Maybe my thoughts tomorrow will have some more coherence…though I guess technically it is almost tomorrow.

Do journey with me, if you feel a hankering. I would enjoy some company.


One thought on “two years later…

  1. Dear Sara Kelm. I will be your accountability. I know what you mean…a part of me feels blogs can be used sort of like how xanga was used in high school (Remember that?! haha) and I don't broadcast my blog to people that much…but it's nice to have a place to just blurt things out so that I'm not doing it all over facebook all the time…which would just seem obnoxious. Anyway, I will read your blog so long as you don't mind… 🙂 I hope you're doing well/better!!! xo

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